Christ the Redeemer


The “Cristo Redentor” or also known as “Christ of Corcovado” Jesus of Nazareth is a 38 meters high, that if you do not count the 8 meter pedestal. Figure this with open arms, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has a height of 710 meters above sea level, in the Tijuca National Park, which is on top of the hill of Corcovado. The monument was inaugurated on October 12, 1931, after about 5 years of work.

Although it has not been declared “World Heritage” by UNESCO, is considered the world’s largest “Art Deco” statue also is the latest from the “New Seven Wonders of the Modern World.”

This statue is the biggest tourist attraction in Brazil, and is preserved as the first day of exhibition.


The in 2011, which was when he turned 80 years of opening, there was a review of the history of it and how it has become the reference point and inspiration for Brazilian artists.

The idea of ​​having a religious sculpture in Rio de Janeiro was adopted by many, especially by Catholic priest Pedro Maria Boss and Princess Isabel of Brazil, who could not take place during the Empire of Brazil. The idea was taken up again until 1921, spending almost the centenary of the independence of Brazil, by Hector Silva da Costa, who was a delegate to the implementation of the project, which was carried out by French sculptor Paul Landowski.

This construction combines engineering, architecture and sculpture, as well as a peculiar material in its processing, Concrete, over 1000 tons of it were used. Another peculiar things in the preparation of the statue is that there was no death of workers, which was rare at the time of construction, and projects of this size, this is regarded as an achievement.

Construction conditions were that the statue on a base in which barely fit the scaffold, with strong winds, and the structure of the statue, whose arms extend into the vacuum and the head is tilted at an engineering challenge , which made Levy, could not resist qualify the work as “Herculean”.

The opening ceremony was at 19:15 of October 12, 1931, where he was due for submission to the lighting system would trigger from the Italian city of Naples, by a scientist who devised a circuit that send the signal multiple antennas to get to the source of power of the statue, which was not completed because of bad weather that existed at that time, finally, the current lighting was operated from the premises.


To keep alive the spirit of the feat that was made at the opening of the same, the light circuit was replaced 2 times, in 1932 and 2000, which was restored in 1980 due to the visit of “Pope John Paul II “, was also restored in 1990 in 2003, the company in charge of maintenance of the statue inaugurated a system of escalators that provided access to the raised platform where the monument was located.

This monument has been visited by some important figures, such as Pope John Paul II, Albert Einstein, Princess Diana, King Albert II of Belgium and Michael Jackson.
He has also appeared in many films including, RIO, 2012, Fast Five, etc., and games like Driver 2.

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