Moai statues of the wonders of the world


These sculptures called “Moai” are monolithic stone statues, which can only be found in the “Easter Island”, which belongs to the region of Valparaiso, Chile. The inhabitants of the “Easter Island” live off tourism and fishing, therefore, these statues represent the main tourist attraction of the region.

On the island of Rapa Nui, there are over 600 Moai statues, which are distributed throughout the island, of which most were carved in tuff of Rano Raraku volcano, which are different statues in various stages of completion. All this indicates that the quarry was abandoned suddenly and left several statues medium styling in the rock. Most finished Moai were destroyed by native islanders in the region in the seventeenth century, some of which have been rebuilt since 1956.

In 1978, while he was restoring the Ahu Nau-nau which is placed on the beach of Anakena, discovered he had eye sockets in the Moai, which plates coral were placed at so they were like eyes. Some theories confirm that these were removed, buried, destroyed and even thrown into the sea, where found, because tribal wars, this may have been the work of native islanders in the period.


There are several theories that prove the significance of the Moai statues, of which the most popular is this, is that the statues were carved by the Polynesian inhabitants of the island, between the twelfth and seventeenth centuries, as representations of deceased ancestors, so that would project his supernatural power (mana in the language of the island) on his descendants.

These should be placed in ceremonial platforms (ahu in your language), so their faces remain towards the interior of the island, except for the seven which are located in the Ahu Akivi, previous digging them eyes of or red coral stone became the “living face” of an ancestor.

These are some of the Moai and significant ahu Island, Ahu Akivi, which apparently represent the seven explorers who preceded the Pilgrims, which is the only Moai facing the sea, it was restored in 1960 The Ahu Vinapu it is made with techniques similar to those incaicas apparently as Cusco construction. The Moai Paro, is the highest among all finished Moai, and is located on the platform “Te kura whistle”, which measured 11 meters and currently weighed about 80 tons, unfortunately, is shot down and divided into three parts in the quarry “Rano Raraku” there is unfinished statue of 21 meters. The Ahu Tongariki is the largest of existing platforms with 200 meters long and 15 Moai on him, the same was restored between 1992 and 1997 In 1929 the inhabitants of the island gave him one Moai President Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, but the president got rid of it because legend has it that a counselor told him that was bad luck.

These are some of the apparitions that our friends the Moai have had on popular culture.
The Moai has passed into popular culture, becoming one of the star enemies and some games like Gradius Arkanoid6, among others. In the film called “Rapa Nui” is attributed to the construction of the moai, the fall of Easter Island society and the revolution called “Short Ears”.

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