The Big Ben


This name is the one that is known to the great bell of the clock that is located on the northeast side of the “Palace of Westminster”, which is home to the “Parliament of the United Kingdom in London”, which currently also used by extension, to name the clock tower.

The official name of this tower was “Clock Tower”, but in honor of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II’s precious, you will change the name to “Elizabeth Tower” in the June 26, 2012 This tower is well known because it is the only one that could accommodate the four clock world’s largest faces, and because it is the third tallest tower in the world. Its 150th anniversary was celebrated on May 21, 2009, on which were carried out several acts of commemoration to the tower. Its construction was completed in 1858, coming on stream until 1859 on 7 September. This tower has become one of the most famous figures in London and England, also mentioning his participation in several films as an important symbol of them.

This tower above was not designed exactly to be a clock if this structure would take to build a new palace, with the design of “Charles Barry”, after it was destroyed the old Palace of Westminster in fire the night of October 16 in the year 1834 when the palace was finished, the aforementioned architect, Scarisbrick Hall command to do something with the design of the tower, which let your imagination fly, converting that this tower clock, which would be operational in 1859, announcing to everyone in the city, time.

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