The Great Wall of China

EBB32F52AThis monument, known as “The Infinite” by some of the inhabitants of China, China is an ancient fortress that was built in the V century. C. and rebuilt in the sixteenth century, which protects the northern borders of the Chinese Empire of successive imperial dynasties attack and the Xiongnu nomads of Mongolia and Manchuria.


Calculating its ramifications and interior construction is estimated that the wall has at least 8851 miles long, stretching from the border of Korea over the Yalu River to the Gobi Desert, which is located along an arc that roughly delineates the southern edge of Inner Mongolia, but today only 30% of it is preserved. It is estimated that measure between 6 and 7 meters high and 4-5 meters wide. During the heyday Ming, was guarded by more than a million warriors.

UNESCO named the wall “Heritage” in 1987 It is reputed to be the world’s largest cemetery, and that approximately 10 million workers died building the wall. They were buried in it in itself, but in its vicinity.

Some provinces, regions and municipalities in the wall are the following, Gansu, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Beijing, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Tianjin and Xinjiang.

The materials used to build it were mostly limestone and some other places granite or fired brick was used. It really was a long wall of sand and clay that was covered with several brick walls. The materials from which it was constructed made ​​it resistant to the impacts of siege weapons. Crushed gravel and reeds to build the walls was used in some other regions of the wall, then were covered with clay to prevent erosion and make it harder to go climbing.

Doors that contains the wall are as follows, Step Juyong or “pass the North”, is located in the area of Badaling, this section of the wall has had many guards to defend the capital Beijing, is made of stone and bricks from the hills this part of the Great Wall is 7.8 meters high and 5 meters wide. Jiayu Pass or “pass the West”, this fort is near the western edge of the Great Wall. Shanhai Pass or “over this”, this fort is near the eastern edges of the Great Wall.

One of the most striking sections of the Ming Great Wall is where steep slopes back. Walking 11 miles long, 5 to 8 meters high and 6 meters at the bottom, up to 5 meters at the top. Has 67 watch towers and stands 980 meters above sea level.

Furthermore 25 km west of Tian Ling Liao wall which is of very low height. Archeologists explain that the wall appears to be silver because the stone they used were from Shan Xi, where many mines are found. The stone that was built has high degree of metal, which makes it look silver, however, with the decline of the wall it is difficult to visualize the wall like silver.

The wall has some watchtowers and barracks that were built along the walls, which have a system of smoke signals to prevent Xiongnu attacks.

When we think in the history of humanity we come to mind countless places and sites of great importance which with the passing of the years have been transcending and this time we want to give you some information about one of the most important sites around the globe and which in fact is one of the 7 wonders of the modern world is the great Wall of China which was built about 200 years before Christ, so we can imagine how old the same and was built with the aim to protect the war but never thought they were building one of the largest world heritage, a curious fact about this majestic building is that the wall was also known at one time as the wall Ten Thousand Li which is a measure used in China is equivalent to one kilometer so you can deduce the length of the wall that surrounds the country, we can also mention the great Wall of China about a thousand years late in completion of build and be complete before there were only widely separated stretches of construction.

Also worth mentioning that the construction of the Great Wall of China was never planned and in fact when all they realized the majestic wall and was part of reality so we can say that this marvel of mankind was cast by accident while searching for the protection of a country, a curious fact is that many people claimed that some states as the great Wall of China can be seen from space, but the truth of the matter is that so far this is only a myth is that despite having great length the wall is very close which significantly reduces the chances, we can also mention that some people managed to recently wanted to destroy the Chinese wall but this were only rumors as to be considered a heritage site and one of the 7 wonders of the modern world can not be brought down by the man.

Finally we mention that this is one of the greatest monuments in the world and that no other has the dimensions of the wall which is visited daily by a large number of travelers from all over the world who come to this huge building to learn more about the history of the wall, we are sure that being all the wonders of humanity is one of the most important not only for its size but because of the importance it had in the construction of history so if sometime presents you visit the great Wall of China not miss the opportunity as it is a magical place and just enough to say that to be considered a wonder of the world is because it has the merits.

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