The Pyramids of Egypt


This time we have an article which are sure to get your attention and we address an issue that concerns us all because it is one of the heritage of humanity, surely you know that our plans are what is called the 7 wonders the world which are large natural or architectural works that accommodate a lot of speculation and of which many people are attracted by its cultural and historical value, on this particular occasion we have information that we consider more important on a curious of these wonders and in fact we refer to one of the oldest of all and of course is the famous Pyramids of Egypt which involve great mysteries.

The first thing to mention about the pyramids of Egypt were built long before Christ so we can get an idea of ​​the antiquity of the same apart from that from what is known through history these were built by the ancient Egyptians they were governed by the pharaohs but in recent years they have found a series of plates that feed one of the biggest myths about the pyramids and is that the same were built by aliens, this is one of the legends more managed on the origin of the pyramids because at that time there were no heavy machinery to move the giant blocks that is built well not have sufficient capacity to measure dimensions.


In some hieroglyphics recently found reference to spacecraft and beings who look human what has come to strengthen the theory that higher intelligence was involved in the construction of the pyramids is done, we know that to be part of a select group of the 7 wonders the world need a lot of history and we assure you that the Egyptian pyramids have it.

Another curious fact may be mentioned on these pyramids is that there are funeral homes chambers with ancient relics of the pharaohs but many archaeologists prefer not access them because it believes there curses that haunt these sites in its interior, we can also mention that the pyramid more large has a very striking feature is that is believed to be one of the strongest energy points around the globe and constantly cast were observed lights fly overhead according to some experts the UFO phenomenon is due to the energy given off the pyramids of Egypt is capable to provide a source of energy storage.

We are sure that if you want to know about this happy to stay heritage as well as being very important to the history of the earth it is a very nice site for tourism so you do not miss more time to give you the opportunity to see the pyramids Egypt.

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