The Sydney Opera


The Sydney Opera House, located in the city of Sydney, State of New South Wales, Australia, is one of the most famous buildings of the twentieth century. It was declared a world heritage in 2007, which was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon in 1957, but opened up to October 20, 1973, in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.
Some of the activities carried out in the building are plays, ballet, opera or musical productions. This theater is home to the Opera Company Australia, the Company Sydney Theatre and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, which is owned by a company called “Opera House Trust,” which is a body that is under the watchful supervision of the Ministry of Art in New South Wales.
These are some of the places in the opera that are recently used. The Concert Hall and Concert Hall, with 2,679 seats, which contains the magnificent organ of the Sydney Opera House, which is the world’s largest mechanical organ, with 10,000 pipes. The Opera or Opera Theatre, with 1,547 seats, this is the main area of ​​the company Opera Australia; which is also used by the Australian Ballet Company. The Drama Theatre and Drama Theater, with 544 seats. The Music Room, with 398 seats and the Studio Theatre, with 364 seats.
The construction of this opera was developed in 3 phases which are as follows.

  • Stage I (1959-1963) consisted of building the upper podium.
  • Stage II (1963-1967) consisted of the construction of external vaults.
  • Stage III (1967-1973) consisted of the interior design and construction.

It is in operation since opening to date.

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