The Tower of Pisa


The Tower of Pisa is the bell tower is the cathedral of Pisa. A peculiar thing about this tower is that it is in an angle, but its construction was not planned this, it was designed to remain upright, but with the beginning of its development was losing shape and bow. The construction of this monument was started in August 1173.

One of the important things of this tower is its height and tilt, and eager to know if they fall or not, the height of the tower is exactly 55.8 meters from the base, with a slope of 3.9 vertical meters. It has an estimated weight of 14,700 tons.

It has 8 levels, with a base of 15 blind arches columns with 6 levels of external column and topped with a steeple. It included, for access, a spiral staircase of 294 steps exactly. The name is due to its geographical location, which is in the city of Pisa, which is the town of the Italian region of Tuscany, is also the capital of the homonymous province.

Because preventing its collapse, the Italian government requested help on February 27, 1964, and as a security measure was closed to the public on January 7, 1990 Thanks to an astonishing elimination of 70 tons (70,000 kilos) of engineers in charge of operations in the tower could proudly announce that for the first time, the tower had stopped moving. It was announced that would be stable for at least 200 years, so going to allow entry to tourists and the public in the June 16, 2001, which finally gave 10 years of hard work of engineers.

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